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HAA, TAA & NAA COVID-19 Industry Resources

ALL HAA members are also members of the Texas Apartment Association, www.taa.org and National Apartment Association www.naahq.org. You will need a login to both sites for certain information and can receive them by requesting from each organization.



Need to know if your property is subject to the CARES Act? Check out this flow chart for answers CARES Act FlowChart

Check here to see if your property is subject to the CARES Act. 

HAA President at Large Stephanie Graves, Q10 Properties Advisors, breaks down the CARE ACT. Is Your Property Subject to the CARES Act? (YouTube Video)



HAA Webinars - (Recordings of past presentations, login required)



TAA has created a TAA resource page and email for questions covid-19@taa.org

TAA Webinars can be found here https://www.taa.org/resource-category/webinar/ (login to TAA site required)

TAA has updated the “Payment Plan Agreement” for members who opt to offer residents options for extending rent payments. They also have a “Notice of Temporary Waiver of Late Fees.” Access these two new sample forms. (login required) These are also available in TAA REDBOOK Online in both Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word versions, and also to TAA Click & Lease users now in a print-only form, and as forms you can complete through Click & Lease.

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NAA has also created a NAA Resource page and email for questions cv19questions@naahq.org.

NAA Webinars can be found here https://www.naahq.org/coronavirus-guidance/covid-19-webinars

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Cleaning Supplies - PPE FAQs
  City of Houston Health Department Health and Safety Certification for Property Managers