What is RCR?

Rental Credit Reporting (RCR) was established in 1977 to solve screening problems the Houston Apartment Association founders felt plagued the local apartment industry. RCR has unsurpassed data on resident rental histories in the Houston region. 

The Houston Apartment Association and CoreLogic SafeRent have partnered to expand RCR in order to provide more resources to make consistent, accurate and Fair Housing compliant leasing decisions.RCR  includes the following searches in one bundled report with immediate and unlimited inquiry access.

National Eviction Search - National landlord-tenant history (more than 34 million landlord-tenant court records including filings, judgments and liens). Local resident rental history including evictions, amount owed at move-out, broken lease information, NSF checks, deposit disposition.

Texas Statewide Criminal Data Search - Instant delivery of available felony and misdemeanor records from Texas statewide and 18+ supplemental counties including Harris, Montgomery, Fort Bend, Brazoria and Waller.

AppALERT - OFAC listings of known or suspected terrorists, fugitives and Most Wanted alerts 
from various federal data sources, including FBI, US Marshall, DEA and other federal agencies. 

Multi-State Sex Offender Search - Instantly informs your staff if a prospective or current resident is a registered sex offender. 

Move-in/Move-out Entry - Submit your property’s rental history data online through RCR's familiar and easy-to-use tools.

Eviction Entry - Protect yourself and other properties by registering your evictions with RCR.

Inquiry History - Know where else your applicant is applying.

Quick and Easy - Information is entered into an easy-to-use Web application and a report is delivered instantly.

Cost Effective - offers unlimited inquiries.

Immediate Access - Inquiries concerning prospective residents can be made online, 24/7.

Monthly Activity Report - Each owner/management company may request a monthly report showing their properties system use.

Optional Screening Services – Additional credit and criminal services are available as a supplement to your standard RCR screening product.

  • Credit Reports
  • Subprime Credit Report
  • Analytic Decision with Subprime Credit Report
  • Collections Alerts
  • County Criminal Checks
  • Statewide Criminal Checks
  • National Criminal Search
  • Criminal Decision Tool
  • Criminal Alert

For *approximately .32 cents per unit per month,  RCR can help make sure you know who your prospective residents are.

 * Owners/management companies with 5,000+ units

Please contact us for the price breaks on larger unit counts.
Take advantage of the most cost effective screening product in the multi-family market, Subscribe today! 
Contact Information  
To subscribe or to learn more about RCR, contact Tina DeFiore or   Mariana Lima at (713) 595-0300 or by email tdefiore@haaonline.org or mlima@haaonline.org

For information regarding Optional Screening Services, please contact Randy Patton at (866) 204-7652 or rpatton@corelogic.com   
Questions regarding your RCR Rental Credit History Report should be directed to Mariana Lima (713) 595-0300 or mlima@haaonline.org

To request information about becoming an RCR subscriber, please email rcrdept@haaonline.org.