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Lint Traps

The City of Houston's  Plumbing Code requires lint interceptors to be installed downstream of apartment community laundry rooms with 10 or more washing machines. The change to the plumbing code, increasing the number of washing machines in R-22 occupancies (the code classification for most multifamily rental dwellings) from 4 to 10 to trigger the requirement can be found here

The Fats Oils and Grease Ordinance passed by City of Houston also requires lint traps to be cleaned and maintained. 

From time to time, inspectors go out to check that properties required to have lint traps have the requisite interceptor permit.  Visit the City of Houston Health Department's Generator Information page for more information about lint trap requirements and to download the permit application.    

If you have a question regarding lint traps, please contact the City of Houston Health Department at 832.393.5740.

Or, you can always contact the Government Affairs Department at govaffairs@haaonline.org