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City of Houston Announces Voluntary Roofer Registration

Information on voluntary registration for roofing contractors

The City of Houston has instituted a voluntary registration program for roofing contractors. Roofing contractors may register at the Code Enforcement Office on 3300 Main St. 2nd Floor (Structural Inspections), Houston, Texas 77002. Some of the registration requirements are:

Photo ID

Contact Information (a P.O. Box is not allowed as the address)

Proof of $500K in general liability insurance that covers roofing operations. The policy must be issued or reinsured by a specified carrier that is listed with a rating of B+ or better in the last published edition of Best's Insurance Reports-Property Casualty Volume (published by A. M. Best Company, Oldwich, New Jersey 08858. Certificates must be faxed by the insurance carrier.

The registration form is available online at:

Public announcements will be made periodically asking consumers to visit our website, which will contain a list of all registered contractors. Please assist us in getting this information to all roofing contractors in the city to assure that they have benefit of this program.

For more information regarding registration or to report a roof being constructed without a City of Houston permit, contact the Roofing Hotline at 713-837-ROOF.



Plan Review Numbers:
Commercial- 713-535-7500
One- Stop- 713-535-7550 (Commercial Remodels and Residential)

Inspection Numbers:
Building- 713-535-7800
Mechanical- 713-535-7755
Electrical- 713-535-7600
Plumbing- 713-535-7700
Occupancy/Life Safety- 713-535-7730
Sign Administration- 713-218-5801

Permit Office Numbers:
General- 713-535-7897
Dacoma Office- 713-686-6224
Kingwood Office- 281-361-9586
Utility Releases- 713-535-7748

Other Information:
Administration- 713-535-7510
Customer Assistance & Code Development Office- 713-525-7039 or 7040
Automated Inspection Request Line- 713-525-7000
Other City Departments- Dial 311

For Additional Permit Information:
You may obtain information about permits by visiting our website at:
www.houstonpermits.org. You will then be linked to our database of sold permits. If you have questions about any of these permits, please contact our Code Enforcement Group at 713-535-7500.

To Reach Other City of Houston Departments:
http://www.houstontx.gov or dial 311